About Us

Mission Statement

To be recognized as the leader on providing solutions, systems and trustworthiness to our customers. Trade with honesty and integrity and keep our clientele satisfied.

What the company offers

“ExACT it” focuses on the following areas:

Quality service and support on contractual basis

*  Equipment maintenance (call outs)

*  Software solutions and upgrading options for future expansions

*  Effective backup systems on data, on & off site, as well as backup power solutions (inverter +UPS)

*  Preventative maintenance services tailor made for individuals as well as company requirements.

*  Can supply reliable soft and hardware products from top brands

*  Full guarantees and on site warranties on all new equipment purchased from “ExACT it”.


“ExACT it” has 20 years’ experience in the I.T. industry on technical as well as advisory capabilities on state of the art technology.

Services Offered

Our company has identified a huge demand for quality, service and support which is lacking to the higher percentage of computerized Companies. Equipment maintenance, software updates and effective back-up systems are the key ingredients on running a company with IT backbone effectively. This would optimize the efficiency of your company within the least time.

Running a business requires control and accurate updated information on your soft and hardware requirements to ensure the best choices to suit your needs. “ExACT it” would be the ideal Company to assist you on all these decisions with professional advice.

Our maintenance packages are designed to the requirements and budgets of each entities needs. These packages would vary in design according to each unique solution.

Backup power systems and UPS’s: Electricity is a vital part of Information Technology and the functionality thereof. “ExACT it” provides a solution for continuing business operation when Eskom fails with supplying power. Supply, installation and commissioning of computer and networking top recognised products.

Unique services offered free of charge*

“ExACT it” offers a free analyses at your premises for a report on critical repairs required as well as recommendations concerning upgrades or changes that need to be made to your system. This would be excluded from any future business or Contract entered into. This is free only in Gauteng, South Africa area.

Our main focus is on the I.T. aspect of your business but we would also insist on a critical analysis of the power and electrical status ensuring 100% efficiency. This status check (also free of charge) would include a detailed recommendation on surge protection and voltage stabilizers as well as a range of checks and balances on protection to ensure a long lifespan on equipment as well as a pre-requisite for insurance cover. Upon request, a quotation will be supplied to install and quote on equipment needed.

These extra services are invaluable to the successful operation and upkeep of the majority of IT systems in businesses.